Sunday, October 28, 2007

# 13

First you have to register, then you have to add this thing, then you have to restart. Will it ever end? Actually kind of like this one. Like mama J said, it works for when you are at different computers throughout the days.

# 21 Podcasts

When you have all the necessary parts it is pretty cool, especially when you can find one that you want. The most useful thing about was the ease with I was able to find topics that I am interested in.

Friday, October 26, 2007

# In summation

The experience over all was not bad. The one sticking point that irked me was the amount of accounts that had to be created for the exercises. Granted it made some of the activities easier to accomplish, but at the same time it was a pain to have to create yet another account. I learned about some technologies that I had only heard about and got more familiar with ones that I knew about. This experience was a good team builder, because it made people with different strengths and weakness, come together to help each other. It was also good because it showed people that they were not as computer illiterate as they thought they were. I have noticed that people are more confident with the technologies after going through 23 things. Would I do it again, does it have another good "incentive" program? Sure, but hopefully without all of the account creating.

# 22 Netlibrary

Another account, great. Looked around gave it a shot. Didnt have my favorite author, left. Could be useful if it had what I was looking for.

# 19 Web 2.0

That chick Pandora, will she never learn. The award wining music site Pandora, reminds me of the way that yahoo used to do their music jukebox worked. Plays your favorites and makes suggestions. Makes things easy.


# 18 On Line Productivity

Where I would rather be than signing up for yet another account. Great concept, especially when you need a document from across the country.

# 17 Sandbox Wiki

Tried to post two items or comments, none showed up. Why?